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Typical Database Applications

Some of the database applications that we have recently developed include:

  • Engineering Time Reporting by Project - Using their desktop web browsers Engineers recorded their time worked on each project, by category.
  • Help Desk Problem Ticket Management - Anyone within the company was able to report problems which were immediately dispatched to proper service personnel.
  • Automatic Work Order Email Forwarding - Work order requests arriving via Email from customers, were automatically dispatched to service personnel, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
  • Identify Closest Service Rep Database - Service personnel were dispatched to customers' location based upon service personnel availability and physical location, to minimize service personnel travel times.
  • Refurbished Equipment Tracking Database - Record critical maintenance steps for equipment as it moves through refurbishing process.
  • Customer Address List Validation - Compare customer mailing information against postal database to minimize returned mail and postage costs.
  • Supplier Notification Database - Automatically send Suppliers weekly emails requesting confirmation of scheduled parts delivery to avoid 'out-of-stock' impact to manufacturing lines.

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